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Eco-friendly/sustainable products - what does that mean?
The cost of being eco-friendly versus not!
Simple ways you can make a difference to the environment!
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Eco-friendly/sustainable products - what does that mean?

Using goods and services that are designed to have minimum impact or harm on the environment. Sustainable products are made from resources that are renewable and promote longevity of our environment. By using eco-friendly and sustainable products we are reducing our carbon footprint on this earth. 
Here at Insinc Products we choose to use and promote eco-friendly and sustainable products as much as possible because we have a firm belief in doing what we can to save our environment. We use recycled boxes when sending out your orders, our invoices and envelopes are sent on recycled paper.

The cost of being eco-friendly versus not!

The government and many of its departments are making strong moves towards only buying/using eco-friendly and sustainable products. This commitment will have a spiraling effect and more businesses will follow suit. Customers are becoming more discerning and are choosing to shop where they know the business is consciously making a difference to the environment.

Is recycled paper really better for the environment than virgin paper?

The recycled paper we promote is made from 100% post consumer waste. This means paper that has been used in offices is broken down to a pulp and made into toilet paper and paper towels. All the ink is removed through oxygen bleaching with no chemicals involved. The resulting leftover sludge is used as a soil re-conditioner. The Earthcare manufacturers claim they save 42,000 tonnes of waste paper from going into landfills.

The new paper we sell is made from sustainable forests. This means that every tree that is cut down to make the paper is replaced with three trees.

Simple ways you can make a difference to the environment!

Even if using standard cleaning products you can do a great deal to ensure we live in a safe environment.

  • Avoid washing chemicals down the drain
  • Recycling as much as possible, including toners, packaging and cardboard boxes
  • Only buy what you need
  • Follow recommended dilution rates on cleaning products, using higher doses than necessary is not only expensive but means you will be using more product than necessary
  • Dispose of hazardous products in a responsible manner - throwing them out with your standard rubbish means they end up in landfill leaching into our environment
  • Pickup rubish outside your workplace or house, if everyone picked up one piece every day we would live in a much cleaner environment
  • There are many other small changes that you can make to reduce your carbon footprint on this earth

For many more helpful hints the government has information on-line with ideas to cut waste. This includes transport & travel, water waste, energy & power and using sustainable suppliers

Check out this interesting website on plastics and recycling






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