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The secret to making your everyday waste free

Growing up with a mum and dad who loved natural New Zealand so much, they helped donate (with Native Forest Restoration Society) an entire nature reserve to the country, instilled in the founders of Insinc an awareness that every action every Kiwi takes can help save our natural heritage.

Exploring New Zealand's crystal rivers, wetlands and ancient, lush green forests was an intrinsic part of managing director Stephanie Lowe's childhood. It's one she wants to make sure future generations of children also experience.

"Our parent's decision to help set-up the Taranaki Mahood-Lowe Reserve is a magnificent inheritance we get to share with all New Zealanders," says Stephanie.

Guided by the philosophy "What you walk past, you accept," Insinc aims for a waste and litter-free New Zealand.

"Every decision, action or purchase made by every New Zealand contributes to the sustainability of our environment – good or bad," says Stephanie (who is no stranger to funny looks for picking up the litter when she takes her long walks along the beach). "Everything you walk past, you accept. We don't accept waste."

It's the reason why Insinc stocks the most extensive range of environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning, hygiene and food packaging supplies in New Zealand.

"It's about making a difference," says Stephanie. "Everybody can do their bit, and part of that is buying sustainable, eco-friendly products or even buying in bulk because it cuts down on plastic waste."


A family business based on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast, Insinc's origins begin with a search to find an alcohol-free hand sanitiser that wouldn't exacerbate dry hands, eczema, or dermatitis. 

The best solution was a product from the United States, but the founders of Insinc believed it could be improved – around the time public awareness of the need for hand sanitisers was increasing. 

At this point, Insinc decided to produce our range of hand sanitisers right here in New Zealand – and so D-Germ Hand Sanitiser and D-Germ Hand Sanitiser/Soap were born!

Moving forward, offering a full range of cleaning, hygiene and food packaging supplies that are good for people and good for the environment seemed a natural progression from the D-Germ range.

"Cleaning the world without killing it sounds good to us," says Stephanie.

Products and Suppliers 

In much the same vein as D-Germ, the team at Insinc are not prepared to compromise on quality, which means an unrelenting search to find products that exceed customers' expectations.

As a result, we believe we offer the widest variety of commercial-grade environmentally sustainable products on the New Zealand market.

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Personal service

As a family-owned business, personal service is a top priority for the team at Insinc. If you have any questions about the products offered, please call 0508 467 462.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Stephanie Lowe
Managing Director



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