Childcare Supplies for Preschools

Hygiene Supplies for Childcare Centers

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning and hygiene products that are perfect for use in Childcare Centres.


There is a fast growning awareness within the Childcare Industry of the need for toxic free cleaning products. Not wishing to cause harm to their children or staff many preschool centres are choosing to clean with products that are non-toxic.

Green Earth Cleaning Products are ideal for use around children. They are non-toxic, made from natural ingredients, biodegradable and are made for commercial cleaners - in other words 'they work'. Concentrated cleaners  and disinfectant options also fit your budget as a little goes a long way.

For Cleaning Products recommended for Childcare Centres use this link


Many Kindergarten and Childcare centres are teaching their students about recycling and the environmental impact of products. What better way to reiterate this by using paper towels, toilet paper and tissues made from recycled paper. Recycled paper comes from used 'office whites', the paper is wet down and turned into pulp, this is bleached with oxygen (not chlorine) and remoulded into paper again.

We have an extensive variety of options in our range - EcoNaturals, PUREeco, Coastal, Earthsmart. Wall dispensers ensure only small amounts are dispensed at one time.

Paper Towels made from recycled paper are available in full size and half size wipes (ideal for childrens' hands).

Toilet paper and Tissues made from recycled paper are surprisingly soft and gentle to use.


Green Earth Liquid Soap is made from all natural products, is non-toxic and biodegradable. This is available in 5 or 20 Litres for bulk fill dispensers.


Our D-Germ hand sanitiser is a foaming product, which means you get a lot out of a bottle. D-Germ does not contain alcohol and is fragrance free. Great for children and staff suffering from dermatitis.


We have both Latex and Vinyl gloves available as well as a Polymer glove (similar feel to Latex). Latex gloves come from a renewable resource (rubber tree) making them the better environmental choice.


Baby wipes are available in a variety of sizes. The Coastal Baby Dry Wipes are ideal for children with allergies. They are alcohol and fragrance free. Simply wet with water and use. Offshoot Water Wet Wipes are biodegradable and made from bamboo.


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